About Verstraaten

All-round transport partner

We believe the transport market can be run in a better, more efficient and even greener manner. Started in 1949 as a taxi operator in the south of the Netherlands, we continually challenge ourselves.

Creative solutions

You would like to work with a transport partner who lives up to his promises. Who also steps off the well-trodden paths. Who dares to come up with something new. Such an attitude opens the door to other, more effective and creative solutions.

Down-to-earth organisation

The Verstraaten managers work to fulfil your requirements. Every day, they move to the shop floor and talk with colleagues and clients. Such a personal commitment, in combination with their extensive knowledge of the industry and the organisation, creates stability, continuity and innovations.

Going the extra mile

This spirit of enterprise has resulted in additional transport services nationwide operating under the banner of Verstraaten. The business units include Verstraaten Business Travel, Verstraaten transport of passengers and Verstraaten express, as well as special transports such as with hearses and cars in funeral processions. Verstraaten offers two on-line transport services for the consumer; vervoernaarvliegveld.nl and taxiboeken.nl. The latter came about in collaboration with partners.

Transport projects, big and small

All transport is the work of people. That goes for the transport of passengers, packages and objects. Talk with Verstraaten to have your transport project carried out fast and perfectly.

Open mind

We are always open to criticism. Through regular surveys, our clients’ experiences, ideas and criticisms are brought to our attention. That keeps us on our toes and offers an opportunity for improvement.

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