Verstraaten Funeral service recently purchased 2 MB Indus vehicles!

• Purchase of MB Indus vehicles!


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Each funeral service is unique. We provide transportation as required. 

Verstraaten Staatsie Vervoer (VSV) specialises in the transportation on the day of the funeral. With experience, knowledge and an extensive fleet of vehicles, VSV offers the bereaved a choice of transport that reflects the wishes of the deceased. The broad range of hearses and funeral vehicles in various designs, colours and sizes is at the core of our services. Employees share our responsibility for a dignified farewell, where funeral etiquette is of paramount importance. Verstraaten Staatsie Vervoer for a final journey in style means there is one thing less for the family to worry about.

Verstraaten Staatsie Vervoer. Professional, complete and reliable.

Verstraaten Staatsie Vervoer. Professional, complete and reliable.

  • Wide range in hearses and funeral vehicles
  • National coverage
  • Optimal capacity and diversity
  • Professional and experienced
  • On-line webportal